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"Bacon grease makes pretty much anything taste better!" is the local philosophy and I grew up on good, down home country cookin'! Although I've ventured into a healthier way of eating (some of the time) I still enjoy many of the favorites of my childhood. I also have a passion for Italian food and I'm slowly but surely learning the pleasures of cooking with fresh herbs. Here I'll share with you a broad spectrum of recipes...some healthier than others, but all of them guaranteed DELICIOUS! : )

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Sweet and Sour Veggie Salad

Fresh, colorful and delicious, this is one of those YUMMY summer salads that is great to take to cookouts and picnics because it contains no mayonnaise.  Mayonnaise and hot weather scare me.  I don't like a sick tummy.  And this salad has been a hit whenever I've served it to guests.  There is always a chorus of "May I have the recipe?"  And of course I oblige.  : )  Gotta share the goodness!

Sweet and Sour Veggie Salad <---  Click here to print

1 can French cut green beans
1 can whole kernel corn (preferably white shoepeg)
1 can baby June peas
1 jar chopped pimentos
1 green pepper, chopped
1 onion, chopped
2 stems celery, chopped

1 cup sugar
½ cup oil
¾ cup vinegar

Drain first 5 ingredients.  Pour into large mixing bowl and add remaining vegetables.  In saucepan combine dressing ingredients and bring to a boil.  Remove from heat and pour over vegetables.  Mix well, cover and refrigerate at least six to eight hours, preferably overnight.  Stir occasionally during chilling time.

*This stuff keeps in the fridge for a couple of weeks, no problem. :)

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  1. this reminds me of my mom's three bean salad. i love the sweet and sour!!! yum! i want to try it asap.


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